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5 Quick Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Workplace

Work Place Safety Canada

Work Place Safety

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we are all responsible for our own safety and the safety of those around us. This is why so many business owners employ the services of safety consultants to help educate and train employees on occupational hazards.

Here are 5 TIPS to consider every time you’re in the workplace:

  1. Avoid High-Risk Situations: Whether you’re dealing with heavy equipment on a construction site or standing on a ladder in the office, if the situation seems dangerous, you should stop what you’re doing and notify management . Supervisors will appreciate communication on these issues.
  2. Keep a Clean Work Area: This will not only help with productivity, but it will also remove potential hazards. (i.e. people can trip over cables, boxes, equipment)
  3. Address Common Issues: Concentrate on correcting the typical safety problems that affect your workspace. For instance, if employees are constantly straining their backs, then proper lifting techniques should addressed.
  4. Encourage Employees to Alert Management to Safety Hazards: Everyone is accountable for workplace safety and management should encourage employees to be responsible and take action when needed.
  5. Hire a Safety Consultant Firm: Whether your business holds annual safety training sessions or if you’re a start-up company, hiring professionals to train your staff on occupational health & safety will alleviate workplace hazards and potential liabilities.

Do you need professional safety consulting for your business? Call the experts at COR Solutions at 403.808.8892 today and ask about our Online Safety Training!   

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